Advantages Of Breastfeeding

Breast feeding is beneficial to mothers also. It causes the release of some hormones that assist a mother’s bond with baby. These unique hormones relax a mother and make her feel ‘motherly’ towards her baby. There is also the physical closeness between the baby and its mother that further adds to this bonding. This requires private moments between a mother and baby as they need to be relaxed. A breast feeding room’s availability would not let these moments get spoilt.

Breastfeeding helps in losing weight and getting back in shape:

As per some studies, breastfeeding assists in losing weight which a mother may have put on during her pregnancy. For reason that is not comprehensively understood, breastfeeding can reduce chances of ovarian cancer and developing breast. Breast feeding can also reduce the occurrence of osteoporosis in a nursing mother.

Be prepared to breastfeed your baby: Minor issues can be handled:

Breastfeeding is tough for new mothers in the first few shots. It requires being seated on a comfortable chair or a sofa with feet up. It requires a mother to place a pillow behind her back and on the lap to support their babies. It is important that a mother is relaxed & comfortable. Baby should be laid sideways with its face towards the mother and their head leveled with mother’s nipple. The afore mentioned entire situation may arise any time when outdoor and hence there is dire need of breast feeding rooms. Moreover, it could be time taking as a mother is recommended to breast feed for 10-15 minutes per breast.


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